Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Sorry not been here much ,had to do housework before an op on my knee. Op was to clean it out as i have condition that make it painful and can't walk to long, not good when on your feet all day at work. Oh well now have 6/12 weeks at home.

A friend at work was chatting on face book and happened to say she challenged me to do a meercat, little did she know that i knew Jane had already done a pattern, so i said good as done. This was on Sunday teatime. Well i went for the pattern and to my surprise not one but two meercats arrived . Hope she likes them, didn't like doing the block work kept getting lost in the pattern, but I'm pleased at how they turned out.


  1. Not just ANY meercats but TALKING ones!!!!! Block tatting gets easier the more you do!!!!

  2. I have a friend who likes meercats and so this pattern is on my "to do list". Yours look fine and its great to see them. Hope your knee is recovering well.

  3. Hope your knee feels better real quick and good luck with physical therapy too!!

    Your Meercats look great!! Nice Job!

  4. Great design isn't it, she is such a clever lass,glad you liked my alternative head. Your look fab.