Thursday, 27 May 2010


Today i got to take the photo's at Charnwood museum in town. They have on display some lovely pockets, made of different mediums, and by all ages. The royal Victoria and Albert museum in London has arranged that they can go on display there later this year and then be put in there vaults for the future. I had the pleasure of being asked to join in so mine has tatting on it. Each pocket tells a story, as you see mine is" ring a ring a roses". During the plague it was said if you kept roses in a pocket and smelt it you would not get the plague. The one with pants on brought back memories of school days.


  1. What a super display, all so very different.
    I didn't know the significance of Ring a Ring of Roses. Your pocket is lovely.

  2. What an exquisite collection of pockets. Your tatted pocket is so sweet.

    And the only type of pockets that I knew are the flat square ones, :)