Friday, 13 August 2010

Victats bear heart

Today i visited Victats blog and found a wonderful heart pattern.I have added beads and used a heart shaped bead, only took half an hour to tat. She used a bear bead.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Breast cancer horse shoe

The other day i saw Tats a cool challenge blog she has made many horse shoe's for a wedding.she could not stop,even did one for a friend who has breast cancer i thought this was a good idea as another tatting friend has just had the news her breast cancer has returned after eight years.

I decided i just had to do a little one ,hope you like it.I'm shore my friend will wear this one and know I'm thinking of her.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Larks head knot

A couple of days ago while blog cruising i heard on Gina's blog about a Larks head knot. I first heard about this when i started tatting. When i asked people about this no one knew what it was. I did my best with a lock join. Now i have the info i have re-tatted the heart using the knot. I have not got the little blob of second colour. Go and have a look at her blog (threads of a tatting goddess) and follow the link. I'll use this on many projects in future.
The pattern is derivative of heartsy by
Teri Dusenbury and done by BJ tats.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Anniversary vase.

Hello again, sorry i have not posted any thing recently.Have been on jollies to isle of wight.

I did a small amount of large project i talked about but i don't like it so I'm going to start again. I bought the ring of tatters new anniversary book , has some lovely patterns. I did enjoy making this little vase and flowers from the book it was done especially for the 30 anniversary by Abby fisher-small. I used Lizbeth 10 for the vase and altin basak 50 for the flowers. I'm really pleased how the vase turned out using variegated thread. It is a bit fiddly but that helped keeping my mind of the bad news i had from my son(25), we think his cancer has returned and he was doing so well. Will find out 18Th august. happy tatting everyone.