Thursday, 27 May 2010


Today i got to take the photo's at Charnwood museum in town. They have on display some lovely pockets, made of different mediums, and by all ages. The royal Victoria and Albert museum in London has arranged that they can go on display there later this year and then be put in there vaults for the future. I had the pleasure of being asked to join in so mine has tatting on it. Each pocket tells a story, as you see mine is" ring a ring a roses". During the plague it was said if you kept roses in a pocket and smelt it you would not get the plague. The one with pants on brought back memories of school days.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

seahorse earings

Well with the sun shining all day yesterday and husband and friend putting up new fence out front. I sat in garden and had a go at some thing i have wanted to do for ages. Seahorse earrings (pattern by Jane E ),bit fiddly as i used some thin thread (long staple 30/3ply cotton) had also wanted to use these pretty pastel pearl beads. Going to wear them today as going out to steam train museum. Got to keep old man happy.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Three bits

Well the sun has come out to play, love sitting in garden tatting.

Again Jane E has been my inspiration. I could not find any curtain rings so next tryed Bojangles jewelry/bead shop. yes had rings but not solid but superglue fixed that,and only silver as you see. Also two sizes. Price was 10p/15p. Did not brake the bank!! The thread i used is 50 altin basak. Loved working the pattern. Think I'll make lots and give away to friends at Christmas i may have enough if i start now.
PS have not done lock chain before ,loved how the two colours worked.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Have been working on this sheep for a few days. Got there after many trys. Hope my friend likes it. I'm well but have to rest my knee more as it keeps swelling.

What do i tat next? Waiting on heathers book ladies in my life!!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Again Jane came up trumps with a pattern i liked. Slightly changed the bottom butterfly. Have made it into a birthday card for a colleges 60th . She is just going to love it. Took it to work for her party, it was strange being there while on the sick.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Have added this even that its not finnished, but just seen a simlar pendant on marty's blogg.Hope to finnish it tomorrow.

another set

Sat this morning doing randam tatting no pattern in mind. Turned out a heart. And another set was made for the necklace.

started another project this afternoon, had done 4 repeats before i realised i'd done it wrong, so wasted a afternoon tatting. It's useing black thread so can't retat tonight , but have just started long term project so i'll work on that.

Friday, 7 May 2010

In April i went to n.e.c found a jewelry stall with these necklace ring's. Didn't know what i would do with the one i bought. The other day i decided to tat over it so i could do several tat objects, and as i wanted.This is the first. Watch this space for more. Have used a pattern by Kersti. She wanted comments, but can't find her on a recent blog. Any help?

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Sorry not been here much ,had to do housework before an op on my knee. Op was to clean it out as i have condition that make it painful and can't walk to long, not good when on your feet all day at work. Oh well now have 6/12 weeks at home.

A friend at work was chatting on face book and happened to say she challenged me to do a meercat, little did she know that i knew Jane had already done a pattern, so i said good as done. This was on Sunday teatime. Well i went for the pattern and to my surprise not one but two meercats arrived . Hope she likes them, didn't like doing the block work kept getting lost in the pattern, but I'm pleased at how they turned out.