Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Yesterday the post man deliver a parcel. i jumped for joy on opening it. Inside was a letter to say i had won the Ring of tatters competition and a box containing the shuttle i had won.

They had printed a pattern and you could do what you wanted, as long as you could still see the pattern. I added beads to the main part,then did just the center part again with beads, did quiet a few Josephine rings for the very center, used a leaf pattern by Rosemarie Peel and a stem and joined it all together.added a broach pin at the back and hay presto a winning design was born.The shuttle is fantastic and I'm over the moon can't stop smiling.yipeeeeeeeeeeeee.Hope you like them to.

Monday, 28 June 2010

arrived by post

Yippee my new book arrived today a bit late but never mind. Tatted ladies contains 12 patterns of ladies all in there finery. The parcel also had 4 lots of thread ,sweet peppermint,over the rainbow,blue raspberry,berry punch, i wonder what I'll use these on.

Have done some tatting but not a lot as i have gone back to work after knee op.

I visited my husbands old aunt and gave her a piece of tatting which she then asked for a large doily, I'm doing Eunice by Lyn Morton as its quick and easy.

This weekend See's me of to isle of wight, have lined up a couple of project's for this time, more about them at a later date.

So here's hopeing the sun still keeps shinning for a couple of weeks yet.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

three bits

Hi, have been busy doing a quilt needed urgent(sorry no picture).
Have done Jon's butterfly,only takes 15Min's and is so cute.
Have been playing with a self cover button not bad for first attempt. Five more to play with.
Had a idea going round in my head for a few weeks for a bag dangle(still needs some work) but still like this one. sorry you cannot see from the picture but ithas a row of split rings down the middle.
Well knee is much improved so back to work tomorrow for just two weeks, then two weeks on Isle of Wight in the caravan and lots more tatting,wine,beer ,good food and good friends company.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


A big thank you to Maureen who commented on Jane's site on Monday about kumihimo. I had not heard of this, so looked it up on the web. Thought i would like a go, so looked and found the things needed for sale. No English sites and what a price for some thing's i only would use a few times. Went away and thought about it and came up with what you see. Yes a bit of cardboard and the use of a protractor.Found a site that gave a tutorial. well I'm pleased with the result just needed to go shopping tomorrow for the findings. I can see some tatting being added at some point when i get the hang of it.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

All creatures great and small

Today i can show you a piece of tatting i did earlier this year. Today was Risley tatting day. They hold a competition this year, it was all creatures great and small. I had been tatting the zoo book marks and got my idea from them. Hope you enjoy my Elephant and Mouse. I have been asked to wright up the pattern for the Ring Of Tatters magazine. YES I WON. HOOORAY.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The owl family

Have been asked to tat some bugs and birds for the next project of Charnwood arts.They are knitting leaves and plan to make a tree. So far have done a bee and these wonderful owls. I have looked at this pattern several times but looked hard to do, now felt the time was right. Oh why Oh why did i wait. Its fantastic well done Jane Ebroll on this pattern it was wonderful to tat. Have sat in sun and got burnt legs as i did not want to stop and go in doors.

They were so good looking i thought they deserved to have a good setting for the photo shoot. What do you think?