Monday, 28 June 2010

arrived by post

Yippee my new book arrived today a bit late but never mind. Tatted ladies contains 12 patterns of ladies all in there finery. The parcel also had 4 lots of thread ,sweet peppermint,over the rainbow,blue raspberry,berry punch, i wonder what I'll use these on.

Have done some tatting but not a lot as i have gone back to work after knee op.

I visited my husbands old aunt and gave her a piece of tatting which she then asked for a large doily, I'm doing Eunice by Lyn Morton as its quick and easy.

This weekend See's me of to isle of wight, have lined up a couple of project's for this time, more about them at a later date.

So here's hopeing the sun still keeps shinning for a couple of weeks yet.


  1. loving the thread colours, what make are they ?

  2. there heather's hand dyed thread's, her blog is thetarnishedtatter arn't they lovely