Friday, 23 April 2010


Spring has come to Loughborough, at work we had a delivery of eleven eggs which we watched hatch, then watched the antics of the chicks for a week .Oh what fun.

Another birthday card made, Peacock by Dianna Stevens . The cross is one i found done on carols blog and looked so nice had to have a go myself. SORRY PICTURES WRONG WHY ROUND


  1. LOVE the peacock, what thread did you use.

  2. Nice job on the cross. I think this is such a pretty looking cross and looks so different when done in different colors. I too like how the two greens gives it a bold look.

    I love your peacock. I have this book, but did not make this one yet.

    What cute little chickies!! I have chickens and it's so much fun when we get a new batch and have the little peeps.

    Happy Tatting!

  3. The peacock is stunning! Your tatting shows lots of experience and love of the craft.