Tuesday, 21 August 2012

OH what a joy to tat

 This is Jane Eboralls Friendship Braclet. OH how EASY this is to tat. Four shuttles and all beads on shuttles.
This little chap I made yesterday for my s-i-laws Birthday. Bought the bits from NEC craft weekend back in March. Lovely and she loved him aspecialy as I made him.


  1. Oh, I'm SO pleased you found the bracelet easy to tat, Geraldine. I struggled once with the original pattern so that's why I re-did it!!! Your colours ZING.

  2. Fabulous bracelet!!! :)
    Neat owl!!! :)

  3. Well done on tatting the bracelet, I saved the pattern and love it but have not done it yet, Hoping to find time on holiday, Lovely owl

  4. Four shuttles and beads! I have to take your word that it is easy! Some day I might try this! I find two shuttles to be my limit at the moment, although the colors of the new Aerlit shuttles I think would help to keep things on track for me. Beads are another skill I have yet to master.

    I LOVE that owl! Very clever!