Tuesday, 16 March 2010

shamrock wreath

Well as you can see i have tatted all day to finnish Shamrock wreath, can you see the mistake.Yes there is one, but i had done to much to reverse tat. Working with eight shuttles is hard work but has got me ready to start the tatting piece in ring of tatters magazine. Have included it pinned out, have seen many pieces that have not had this done and yes you can tell.
HOPE by sherry pence. what a lovely butterfly i did rush itand am now doing it again to get it right.


  1. it looks great, i know a lot of hard work went into this shamrock but the effect is well worth it.
    the butterfly looks fun to do! colours in the planning stages, shuutles shaking with fear.

  2. this looks very complicated but i bet the feeling of satisfaction now completeded is great! as for the butterfly my shuttles are quaking at the thought of me picking them up to do this.

  3. Very nice tatting. I discovered you on from Facebook's tatting group, just thought I would drop by and say 'Hi'.