Friday, 12 March 2010

both of these were done by useing a pattern by jane eborell, a flower fairy. first i did the snowman as a compertion piece and yes i won. everyone said i needed to do santa so santa was born.
well today have been to derby shopping so now i must get down to some tatting.


  1. Excellent job on the snowman and santa! I think what you have done is awesome!! And congratulations on winnng the competition. I think it is well deserved!! I love Jane's patterns. I have blogged about quite a few of her pieces lately that I have tatted. She is just so clever with her designs. Looking forward to seeing more of your tatting. Happy Tatting!!

  2. once again these look brill, one day i might be able to adapt a pattern and get something that looks this good.
    p.s is the present in the sac for me xxxxx