Monday, 22 March 2010

I ordered some tread from tatskool hand dyed thread when it arrived it came with a small amount as a free-bee, Rainbow 'lite' Sweet shop 60. I found a Easter pattern by Erin Holloway BUNNY TRIM. I did this tonight and have made it into a card. Looks good yes.


  1. The bunny edging is sooo cute. I don't think I have seen this on line before. Could I have the address to the blog?

    Tatskool's thread Rainbow lite is very nice and looks good in the bunny edging.

    I would love to see a larger picture of your manger scene on this page. Do you have it in an album somewhere? It looks like your angel is floating above the manger scene. Very NIce!!

  2. i like, i like, and i want ????????????????

  3. Oooo! It's lovely, have only just found your blog thro a link from Carol.
    You Christmas scene is fab.

  4. I just love your tatting!! It is always such a nice touch for a business to add a little extra in your package!