Thursday, 20 December 2012

Had fun over the last year starting in January making 30 of Jane's Christmas tree,s. I have given them to family and friends, they always like what I make at this time of year. I even made a Christmas card of this picture and sent it to her. Think I'll try doing the button snow flakes for next year.


  1. These are wonderful, and how great that you sent the card to Jane! And your recipients will be delighted! A very thoughtful project!

  2. Your card is lovely and making all the Christmas trees over the year must have been hard going at times. Well done I saw Janes card on her blog, looks great.
    Margaret's designer cards.

  3. I managed to make one tree and have two ready to be assembled! I swore that they would be this years gift to people, but it was never meant to be as other things took over my life, may be next year! But you made so so many and to prove it you have taken a picture. Great to see all the different colours

  4. Very nice! I'd like to try that pattern.