Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Charnwood Tatters were very sad that one of there members had died just a week before there open day. We but a table with a couple of bits that Karen had tatted for the day out and people but a cross of remembrance if they wished.
 The competition was a cross ,we asked for extra crosses that will be donated to a church, oh what beautiful crosses we had as you can see below..
 Our summer project was the Queens diamond jubilee what lovely tatting.
We had a wonderful day with Tatting and design in attendance for us to get our supply's. Lot's of yummy cakes with our tea's and coffee.


  1. How sad that one of your members passed so close to your opening day. I'm sure she will be greatly missed. The tribute your group paid to her is very touching.

  2. Lovely touch putting a cross for her, I am sure you will all miss her and very sad so close to your open day.
    Beautiful tatted crosses