Friday, 1 October 2010


Charnwood tatting day is 16 October. We have a project table ,this year it's tatted baskets, here are a couple I've done. One is the seahorse dragon doily pattern, but I've missed one section out to create a basket, the other is Jane's wedding favour basket. Both are worked with Lizbeth thread one 20 and one 10. I have just started using Lizbeth thread and love working with it, also love that if you do happen to do a ring wrong its easy to undo, much better than Altin basak. Think it's a bit more silkier and so slides more.


  1. Love Love LOVE the blue one.
    Not anything against the purple one, just that blue is my favorite color.
    Have fun at the Charnwood event!

  2. Neat baskets! :) And great colors! :)